Free Pregnancy Tests…and so much more!

An unplanned pregnancy can be difficult. Our goal is for you to realize that your hopes and dreams can still be fulfilled.  We offer resources so you can move forward to a healthy outcome.

If you think you might be pregnant, you can check out our pregnancy information page.

The Option Line can refer you to:
Free Pregnancy Tests:  Accurate, quality tests are being used with immediate results.  Referral for a free ultrasound is available on request.
Confidential Counseling: Counselors are here to listen to you and to address your concerns in a caring, non-judgmental way, subscribing to the highest standards of professional conduct.  Staff and volunteer counselors have been trained in crisis pregnancy counseling.  Georgia Pregnancy Resources and its partners are committed to providing you with assistance and accurate information.  Resources are available for your individual situation and needs.  Information is available on:

  • abortion
  • birth control
  • abortion alternatives
  • community referrals

All of the services provided by the Life Centers are free and confidential.  Our desire is to provide relief in a crisis situation.  We invite you to return for ongoing counseling and support.